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My name is Simon Hartmann Eriksen – and I am working as a IT professionel for the last 15 years. My main focus has been design, operation, and support of Windows clients, with a particular focus on Intune, Autopilot, Cloud Management Gateway, SCCM, and package deployment. In line with the release of Windows 11, I have expanded my expertise in this new operating system and its integration with modern endpoint management solutions.

Over the last 5 years, my focus has been on the transformation from traditional endpoint management to modern endpoint management. This includes Intune management, Windows 365 Cloud PC, Azure Virtual Desktop, and Mac management. With increasing demand across platforms and cloud-based solutions, I have worked to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

Security is a central element in my work, and therefore it is a natural part of client projects that Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is considered and implemented. As the Zero Trust model has gained more attention as an effective approach to IT security, I have also incorporated the principles of Zero Trust into my solutions and projects. I have also gained significant experience in building Privileged Access Workstation (PAW) setups via Microsoft Intune to reduce the risk surface in several tiering projects.

I have been technically responsible for numerous Windows deployment projects, package development, and standardization, both for larger companies with 15,000+ clients and small and medium-sized businesses. This also applies to Mac management, where I have developed as an expert in the field to deliver comprehensive solutions that address all aspects of client administration and security.

I will try to blog about daily day solutions and practical fix after tons of headache 🙂
If you want the theoretical solution – I am sure microsoft.com can help you.

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Email: simon at simsen.dk

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