Admin by Request: LAPS for Autopilot device

I have over time been more and more impressed with Fasttrack: Admin by Request.How they solve a nightmare for IT admins. It can be hard to deliver all software for the endpoints – and some software is so special and maybe need to be installed in a various […]

Admin by Request + MS AppLocker = GREAT

Companies need to fulfil regulations, to document what specific applications that is running on the PC. Here it can be hard to make sure users don’t download software that is not approved and run ex. Shareware/malware, TeamViewer QuickSupport or Google Chrome. But Companies still want the flexibility to allow […]

Admin By Request – Tray Tools

Previous Client management projects – was with a focus on lock down the client much as possible, so end-user couldnt install anything manually. But working with the product Admin By Request on more projects, it is clear, that it is no problem to give the user just-in-time(JIT) access […]

Cheatsheet for PSAppDeployToolkit

I have been using PSAppDeployToolkit for the last 3-4 years – and I dont make any software package without using PSAppDeployToolkit. If you dont know what I am talking about – please visit and download the wrapper here: After some years – I manage together with the […]