Local Administrator on MacOS?

When onboarding macOS with Apple Business Manager and Intune, there are a few important security considerations to keep in mind. Specifically, it’s crucial to control the level of access each user has on a device, and this includes the potential issue of local users obtaining administrator rights. When […]

Security Baseline as Settings Catalog

Have you ever tried using the Security Baseline feature in Intune’s Endpoint Security to enhance your device’s security? If you have, but also encountered the frustration of finding certain settings missing – so you still need to create a Configuration Profile. Here is a tip that is quit […]

Proactive Remediations – MS Defender

Microsoft Defender on each client is a high important tool as it both are an Antivirus tool – but also deliver info to Defender for Endpoint as a sensor. Microsoft developed Tamper Protection that should make sure evil software/process not should be able to disable Microsoft Defender. But […]

Admin by Request: LAPS for Autopilot device

I have over time been more and more impressed with Fasttrack: Admin by Request.How they solve a nightmare for IT admins. It can be hard to deliver all software for the endpoints – and some software is so special and maybe need to be installed in a various […]

Create bootable USB w. Windows 11 incl. Autopilot JSON file

This guide will go through all steps to create a bootable USB with Windows 11 – that includes the Autopilot profile for your Microsoft Endpoint Manager tenant. This USB can be used to onboard all computer – just after reinstall. First you need Windows 11 ISO image – […]

Onboard existing devices

When we talking about Windows 10 and Autopilot – we always recommend to make and agreement with the OEM partner, so they prepare the hardware to the Autopilot device list. But for existing hardware we need to onboard to Autopilot – can be another story. If you have […]

BIOS check from Endpoint Manager

We got errors on our compliance policy after we enrolled them to Autopilot and I have the idea that the BIOS was correct configured. But instead of having the computer in hand. Together with a collegue we developed this script. The script can from Proactive Remediation, check all […]

Move to Edge Chromium

March 9. 2021 is the day where Edge Legacy will have End-of-Support.So plan your upgrade today! Download the Edge browser for your client here If you use SCCM / MECM – please follow this great blogpost by Anoop C Nair If you use INTUNE / MEM – please […]