HardeningKitty: Audit Baseline with Intune

Introduction In this blog, I will explore how to leverage HardeningKitty in conjunction with Intune, enabling us to remotely audit our clients and ensure they meet our security baseline. By integrating HardeningKitty with Intune, we can automate the process of security auditing, streamline the management of audit reports, […]

Embrace the Future Endpoint – Part 3

Introduction In Parts 1 and 2 of this blog series, we embarked on a journey towards modern endpoint management, beginning with the recognition of the limitations of traditional tools like SCCM, followed by the transition to more flexible and dynamic solutions such as Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Defender […]

ASR Rules – anno 2023

Introduction In my client management journey, Attack Surface Reduction (ASR) rules have become pivotal. These rules, central to Microsoft Defender, are designed to minimize the ‘opportunities’ for attackers to exploit our systems. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint further leverages these rules, providing enhanced alerting, reporting, and threat context, simplifying […]

Setup virtual MacOS Sonoma to Intune

Introduction In this blog post, I will setting up the new MacOS Sonoma(Beta) as a virtual machine via Parallels and onboard it to Intune.Microsoft made it possible to onboard virtual MacOS to Intune. So we will go through how easy it is to enroll virtual MacOS Sonoma to […]

Embrace the Future Endpoint – Part 2

Introduction and recap In the first part of our series, we embarked on an exploration of the evolving landscape of endpoint management. We discussed the ‘Future Endpoint’, an emerging concept representing the wide array of devices and systems that businesses must now manage. We scrutinized traditional endpoint management […]

Embrace the Future Endpoint – Part 1

Introduction I’ve been working with Windows client management for about 17 years, and I will try to give my angle on the journey and what makes the Endpoint of the Future here now. Do you remember the early days when it was all about managing desktop computers within […]

Security Baseline as Settings Catalog

Have you ever tried using the Security Baseline feature in Intune’s Endpoint Security to enhance your device’s security? If you have, but also encountered the frustration of finding certain settings missing – so you still need to create a Configuration Profile. Here is a tip that is quit […]

Proactive Remediations – MS Defender

Microsoft Defender on each client is a high important tool as it both are an Antivirus tool – but also deliver info to Defender for Endpoint as a sensor. Microsoft developed Tamper Protection that should make sure evil software/process not should be able to disable Microsoft Defender. But […]