Windows 365: Perfect Test Environment

Having 32GB of memory isn’t a novelty in today’s tech world. We’ve had powerful desktop machines and servers with such capabilities for some time. However, the real question isn’t just about having that capacity – it’s about how we can unleash its full potential. Enter Windows 365 Cloud […]

What should we choose – W365 or AVD?

As an IT consultant, I’ve had the privilege to work with various clients, each with their unique set of challenges and requirements. This diverse experience has allowed me to compare and contrast Microsoft’s Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) in real-world scenarios. I’ve witnessed these technologies in […]

Enroll Windows 365 Business in 3 steps

Windows 365 Business and Enterprise has been around for the last year and the companies begin to see all the advantages to easy deploy a Windows pc. In this post I want to show how easy it is to deploy Windows 365 Business for a user. Are you […]

AVD tip! – Logon script with RemoteApp

When you setup RemoteApp in Azure Virtual Desktop – Microsoft has designed it to minimize the load of: Simply to make a better and faster experience on the logon phase.Read more about this.The 2 workarounds Microsoft suggested in the above doc was not good enough for me. In […]