Admin By Request – Tray Tools

Previous Client management projects – was with a focus on lock down the client much as possible, so end-user couldnt install anything manually. But working with the product Admin By Request on more projects, it is clear, that it is no problem to give the user just-in-time(JIT) access […]

Use MDfE to hunt for PrintNightmare

We have the last week tried to patch endpoints for the PrintNightmare Vulnerability(CVE-2021-34527) – and Microsoft still have an open gab for this. But to follow the patching – here Microsoft Defender for Endpoint gets handy. Specially with the Advanced Hunting. Query to search for Windows 10 devices […]

Boost Microsoft Edge startup

If your organisation already switched to Microsoft Edge – maybe this feature can be ussful. With a simple policy – you can get the Edge Chromium to start instantly.You just need to be on version: 88.0.705.50 or above. The policy is named:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Edge StartupBoostEnabled DWORD (delete) = Default0 = Always disabled1 = […]

Onboard existing devices

When we talking about Windows 10 and Autopilot – we always recommend to make and agreement with the OEM partner, so they prepare the hardware to the Autopilot device list. But for existing hardware we need to onboard to Autopilot – can be another story. If you have […]

BIOS check from Endpoint Manager

We got errors on our compliance policy after we enrolled them to Autopilot and I have the idea that the BIOS was correct configured. But instead of having the computer in hand. Together with a collegue we developed this script. The script can from Proactive Remediation, check all […]

Move to Edge Chromium

March 9. 2021 is the day where Edge Legacy will have End-of-Support.So plan your upgrade today! Download the Edge browser for your client here If you use SCCM / MECM – please follow this great blogpost by Anoop C Nair If you use INTUNE / MEM – please […]

Collection of Remediation scripts

Since summer 2020 – Proactive Remediation has been available in the Endpoint Manager portal. This give the possibility to detect and remediate issues before the user see them. This also mean it is only the fantasy that sets the limitations og things you want to observe, change or […]

Patch Management flow for Windows 10

It can be hard to find the right way to patch Windows 10 – also when Microsoft release patches outside “Patch Tuesday”. For that reason I have implemented a simple and successful patch flow – that is running over the month with 3 flows – 08., 18. and […]